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Blair Camera Company Product listing

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Baby Hawk-Eye, c1896
Bullseye Camera, c1892
Century Hawk-Eye, c1895
Columbus, c1895
Combination Camera, c1882
Combination Portrait Camera, c1884
English Compact Reversible, c1888
Focusing Weno Hawk-Eye No.3, c1902
Focusing Weno Hawk-Eye No.4, c1902
Folding Hawk-Eye 4x5, c1895
Folding Hawk-Eye 5x7, c1892
Hawk-Eye Camera, c1893
Hawk-eye Junior, c1895
Hawk-Eye Junior, 4 x 5 c1895
Hawk-eye Detective and Combination Camera, c1889
Hawk-Eye Special, 4 x 5 c1895
Improved Cincinnati Reversible Back Camera, c1892
Improved Reversible Back Camera, c1896
Kamaret, c1891
Knockdown Camera, c1883
Lucidograph, c1885
No.1a Folding Hawk-Eye, c1896
No. 2 Folding Hawk-Eye, c1896
No.3 Combination Hawk-Eye, c1882
No.3 Folding Hawk-Eye, c1905
No.3A-B Folding Hawk-Eye, c1906
No. 3 Folding Weno Hawkeye c1900
No.4 Folding Hawk-Eye, c1905
No.4 Folding Weno Hawk-Eye, c1902
Petite Kamarette, c1892
Reversible Back Camera, c1895
Special Folding Hawk-eye c1896
Stereo Hawk-Eye, c1905
Stereo Weno, c1905
The 400 Camera,, c1896
Tremont Camera, c1892
Triumph Camera, c1884
Tourist Hawk-Eye, c1898
View camera, 1895
Weno Hawk-Eye, c1901
No.2 Weno Hawk-Eye box, c1904
No.3 Weno Hawk-Eve, c1904
No.4 Weno Hawk-Eye, c1904
No.6 Weno Hawk-Eye, c1906
No.7 Weno Hawk-Eye, c1908

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