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The 5x7 Folding Hawk-Eye, No. 1

Manufacture: Blair Camera co.
Location: Boston, Mass.
Production Date: 1892-1898

Size 7 x 7 _ x 9 inches. Makes 5x7 pictures. Carries three double holders for glass plates or cut films, or automatic tally Roll Holder for 50 continuous exposures.

In the Folding Hawk-Eye the same elements of popularity founding the original model have been preserved, and in addition a Double Swing is provided; so that as well as being an extremely convenient and portable hand camera, it also affords, with the addition of a tripod, a very complete view outfit, having fine �rack and pinion� focal adjustment and ground-glass screen, and is adapted to nearly every requirement.

Plate holders or roll holder are adjusted in exactly the same manner the �connecting frame� used in other cameras not being required.

The shutter is of the same style as in the regular �91 model Hawk-Eye. It is the acme of simplicity; free from bothersome complications, and instantly adjustable in speed for �snap shots� or for time exposures of any duration. The lens is a double achromatic Rapid Rectilinear, of excellent working capacity, and is provided with revolving diaphragm.

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