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Blair's The Kamaret

Manufacture: Blair Camera co.
Location: Boston, Mass.
Production Date: 1891-?

Compactness without folding is the prominent feature of the Kamaret, it being nearly one-third smaller than any other camera of equal capacity, viz.: - 50 4x5 pictures without reloading. Size complete 5 _ x 6 _ 8 _ inches. 50 5x7 pictures without reloading. Size complete 6 _ x 8 _ x 10 1/3 inches. To make exposures with Kamaret one need only push a spring.

The same spring when pulled out again after winding up the used film, prepares the camera for the next picture.

All other cameras have an additional attachment for setting the shutter � one more thing to be looked after.

The Kamaret has a positive safeguard against �double exposures� (or taking two pictures on the same field and thus spoiling both) and �blanks,� and is also provided with an Automatic Tally showing just how many pictures have been taken and how much film there is left. A double swing-back attachment for using glass plates or cut films in the regular double holder may be obtained and applied to the Kamaret without fitting.

Other points of superiority are the easy manner of removing the film roll and reloading the Kamaret; the beautiful finish and thorough mechanism of the working parts, the clear, clean-cut work of the lens, the liberal size and brilliant illumination of the two finders, and fine quality of the leather covering.

The film rolls may be returned to us to have the pictures developed and printed, or we will supply an outfit for such purpose, as preferred.

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