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Hawk-Eye Detective and Combination Camera

datasheet_loginThe Hawk-Eye Detective and Combination Camera was Manufactured by the Boston Camera Company in 1889. It was a direct competitor to the introduction of the Kodak camera and advertised as the only real detective and view camera possessing every advantage of the kodak with greater utility and making pictures three times the size. namely 4 x 5 inches. The Hawk Eye provides rapid adjustment of the focus and the speed of the shutter for instantaneous photographs of moving objects under varying conditions, without opening the Camera. An automatic press the button exposure can be made. It may be set up on a tripod or for a time exposure. The camera also provides image viewing with a ground glass screen and screw pinion movement for distending and closing the bellows, no focusing cloth required. the original price of teh camera in 1889 was $10.00 or 25 for teh camera preloaded with a coil of sensitized film for taking lOO different pictures, where one has only to wind a fresh portion of the film into position and pres the button for each successive picture. Like the Kodak the attachment containing the exposed film can be sent to the factory to have the pictures finished and a fresh coil of film inserted and will be returned with the finished pictures.

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