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Blair's The Baby Hawk-Eye Camera

The Baby Hawk-Eye has been designed for those who do not care to be encumbered with a larger camera, and still at the same time wish to obtain photographs of a sufficient size to be of some value.

The dimensions are but 2 _ x 3 _ x 4 inches, which allows the user to carry the camera in the pocket without any difficulty; while the size of the picture measures 2 x 2 _ inches, which is about twice the area of pictures made with any other cameras of similar size.

All of the improvements and advantages of the larger cameras are furnished, including a brilliant finder, and automatic register, which always shows when an exposure is made.

The shutter is very reliable, fitted for both time and instantaneous work and never gets out of adjustment, is always set, and a slight pressure upon a lever permits the light to strike the sensitive surface of the film and at the same time prepares itself for the next exposure.

Film for this camera is furnished in rolls sufficient for making 12 exposures, and can be loaded and unloaded in broad daylight.

The process of making photographs is so simple; it is hardly necessary to consult the guidebook, which is furnished.

Blair Camera Company, Boston, Mass., 1896

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