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Blair's English Compact Reversible Camera

Manufacture: Blair Camera co.
Location: Boston, Mass.
Production Date: 1888-1898

Description: As the title infers, compactness is the principal feature of this Camera. While we have in it all the desirable facilities possible, combining great lightness with rigidity, perfection of detail with simplicity and ease of working, we have in the smallest space, and with the least weight, every convenience and facility, with several new movements and devices peculiar to this Camera alone.

The Camera, when closed, measures in thickness in the 5x7, 5x8, and 6 _ x 8 _, 3 _ inches; in the 8x10, 4 inches. The partial front view of the Camera, folded, shows the sunken tripod top, with clamping screw in center, the center of which (the clamping screw) is bored to receive a regulation tripod screw, thus enabling the operator to use any other form of tripod than that supplied with the Camera.

These Cameras are arranged to use the Blair Rigid Extension.

Adjusters or rigid form extensions fitted to these Cameras are interchangeable with those belonging to the Improved Reversible, and Improved Cincinnati R. B.

Unless otherwise specified, all orders for these Cameras will be filled fitted with Feather-Weight Holders.

The price includes on F. W. Mahogany Plate Holder, fitted with hard rubber slides, Special Compact Tripod and Carrying Case.

Carrying Cases are made to carry Camera, four Feather-Weight Holders arranged at the end of the Camera, with Tripod on top, thus including the entire outfit in the case.

The 3 _ x 4 _ and 4x5 have metal tripod top, instead of wood, which are not sunk as deep as the wooden tops.

Our English Compact is the perfection of high-grade view cameras, and in this class of apparatus is WITHOUT AND EQUAL IN THE WORLD. The Cameras and Holders supplied with them are made of best selected mahogany, French polished, and trimmed with hand-finished brass mountings. In convenience, in style, and in finish they are beyond criticism.

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