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Blairs' Improved Reversible Back Camera

Manufacture: Blair Camera Co.
Location: Boston, Mass.
Production Date: c1900

Although not as expensive a camera as the Compact (a description of which follows), yet for general work it is nearly as desirable having the, essential qualities of lightness and rigidity. The fact that there are several thousands in use, with the demand increasing every month, speaks more for their good qualities than would volumes from us. They are made entirely of the best selected mahogany, seasoned several months, are highly polished, and trimmed with hand-finished, lacquered brass mountings. Nickle trimmings to order

The focussing is achieved by the front of camera and lens moving forward by a fine rack and pinion movement. By this method of construction and the Reversible Back, the slide from the plate-holder can be drawn to the right or left when in a horizontal position, or when changed to the vertical position can be drawn upward or downward. The desirability of this will be apparent to every photographer of experience. The reversing of the back (to enable the operator to make upright views) is accomplished by simply pressing a spring and changing the adjuster carrying the holder, from vertical to horizontal.

The sliding front is arranged so that the entire front, with bellows attached, slides up or down, and is held rigid, by the adjusting screw . it is thus less liable to leak light than the old form.

Another most unique part in its construction is the means of attaching the plate-holder and ground glass The latter is attached by all four corners, and kept in position, wherever it may come to a bearing, by springs, and when the plate-holder to be attached the sideways movement of a couple of inches causes it to recede sufficiently for the holder to be slid in freely,without a spring to retard its motion and jar the camera; and when in position, and the ground glass frame, acted upon by the spring, is released, the later lies firmly bhind the holder - all of which is accomplished without the touching of a catch (as, indeed, there is none), or removing or swinging the ground galss frame.

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