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Blair's Century Hawk-Eye Camera

Manufacture: Blair Camera co.
Location: Boston, Mass.
Production Date: 1895-1896

The Century Hawk-Eye is the first practical 6 1/2 x 8 1/2 combined hand and tripod camera, is very compact and not any heavier than a 5x7 of other manufacture. It is a very magnificent piece of photographic apparatus, no expense being spared to have everything pertaining to it the best we can make or procure.

The foregoing description and illustrations of the 5x7 Folding Hawk-Eyes will also explain the construction and operation of the Century, excepting that in the latter the opening for the holders is at the side instead of at the top.

The Century Hawk-Eye is fitted with a Double Swing, Double Rising and Falling Front, Bausch & Lomb Automatic Diaphragm Shutter, and Rapid Universal Lens; also Aluminum shutter and lens mountings, and the best of leather coverings. Price complete as above, with one F.W. Holder for glass plates or cut films, $85.00; or with Improved Roll Holder, $95.00.

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