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Blair's The Hawk-Eye Jr. Camera

Manufacture: Blair Camera Co.
Location: Boston, Mass.
Production Date: 1895-1898

The Hawk-Eye, Jr., is without doubt, the best hand camera now on the market that is furnished at a moderate price. Many new improvements have been added which increases the value, while the price has been reduced.

The latest device for indicating exposures never fails, and the index on the tally always shows at a glance the number of pictures taken.

The dimensions are but 4 _ x 4 _ x 6 in. has a capacity for film of 25 exposures, making a photograph 3 _ x 3 _ inches. Different from other cameras, no attachments or separate parts are used when adjusted for dry plates, as the holder fits neatly in the rear end of the camera.

The lens is a single achromatic, set focus, of extra quality, and the shutter is adapted for both time and instantaneous work; the speed is governed as to time, which is an advantage over most cameras of this size. An extra brilliant square finder reflects the object very distinctly and centers the view accurately upon the surface of the film or plate.

The covering of the box is of the best grain leather, and everything pertaining to the camera is simple and easily manipulated.

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