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Blair's Improved Cincinnati R. B. Camera

Manufacture: Blair Camera Co.
Location: Boston, Mass.
Production Date: c1890's

In this Camera we have designed to make one which, though thoroughly well made, is less expensive than the "Improved R.B. Camera," and yet complete and quickly adjusted for work. It was made to receive our well known Patent Adjuster and Extension (rigid form). Any combination for different sizes of Cameras can be made by using adjusters for smaller plate-holders and extensions for larger plate-holders than the Camera proper.

The focusing is attained by a fine rack and pinion movement. They are made entirely of the best selected cherry and mahogany, seasoned several months, are highly polished and trimmed with hand-finished brass mountings and is the same as represented by cut with the exception of improved central swing similar to the improved R.B. camera.

Unless otherwise specified, all orders for these Cameras will be filled, fitted with Feather-Weight Holders. By removing the Reversible Back Adjuster and applying our Patent Extension (reversible) we have a Camera enabling the operator to use a size larger plate. The price includes one Double Plate-Holder and Carrying Case.

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