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No. 3 Folding Weno Hawk-Eye

THE BLAIR CAMERA Co will place upon the market October 1900 a new camera known as the No 3 Folding Weno Hawk Eye This little camera they claim will be the most compact outfit in existence making a 3 1/4 x 4 1/4 picture It is fitted with double lens and retails at a less price than similar cameras on the market. The No 3 Folding Weno Hawk Eye has been designed to meet the demand for a pocket camera of the highest grade and will be found a satisfactory outfit when placed in the hands of those who insist upon having nothing but the best. The lens is a double rapid rectilinear of extra quality The shutter of the latest design made by the Bausch & Lomb Optical Co with Iris diaphragm which permits any size of opening; can be varied in speed from 1 - 100 of a second to any time required and operated by bulb or finger release. A brilliant reversible finder, a socket for use of tripod and accurately adjusted focus scale are provided. The method of loading is such that no parts are removable other than the back cover and the film cartridges can be removed and replaced in the open air with safety. The mahogany polished front bed, the nickel trimmings, morocco grain covering, lacquered brass shutter and leather bellows of maroon shade create a very pleasing contrast.

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