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Blair Camera Co., The Hawk-eye Camera

Manufacture: Blair Camera Co.
Location: Boston, Mass.
Production Date: 1890-1898

Several new improvements have been made in the 1891 model, which will still further increase the popularity of the Hawk-Eye.

The method of setting the shutter (which is of the adjustable speed, safety type, as before) has been simplified, and a new time-exposure stop, which is in quickness and convenience fully equal to a pneumatic release, has been provided.

The focusing index and screw have been combined in one part and located close by the push-button; the rigidity of the inside bellows frame has been greatly increased; and, last but not least, the width of the Hawk-Eye has been decreased nearly an inch, thus improving the appearance of the camera and making it a better shape to carry.

Feather-Weight Holders for glass plates or cut films, or an improved roll holder with automatic tally, containing transparent film for 25 to 50 exposures without reloading may be used in the same camera.

Both vertical and horizontal finders, interior ground-glass screen, and two tripod plates for time work are provided.

Lenses of other makes, provided they are of suitable size and focal length, may be fitted to the Hawk-Eye if preferred.

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