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The Special Folding Hawk-Eye Camera

Manufacture: Blair Camera co.
Location: Boston, Mass.
Production Date: c1896

For those who desire a first-class folding camera, with double rapid rectilinear lens, of first quality, and still at a moderate price we have designed the Special Folding Hawk-Eyes.

The wood work of this camera is mahogany throughout and highly polished. It is fitted with swing back, rising and falling front, has a spring actuating ground-glass which can be removed if a Roll Holder is desired. The box is covered with the best grain leather, and measures but 5 x 6 x 6 _ inches, in the 4x5, and 6 x 7 _ x 8 _ in the 5x7 size.

The lens is of the best (which accounts for the good results obtained) and fitted with the new improved Crown Shutter with pneumatic release, with device for regulating the time of an exposure. Our new rack and pinion movement for fine focusing is also an advantage to be considered; tripod plates for both vertical and horizontal pictures are provided.

In fact, all improvements imaginable are included.

Blair Camera Company, Boston Mass., 1896,

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