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Blair's The 4x5 Hawk-Eye Jr. Camera

Manufacture: Blair Camera Co.
Location: Boston, Mass.
Production Date: 1895-1900

There has been a long felt need among the amateur photographers for a camera adapted for both plates and roll films, making a picture as large as 4x5 inches in size, being compact, and still furnished at a moderate price.

The 4x5 Hawk-Eye, Jr., supplies this want in every way being very small for a camera making so large a picture, measuring but 5 _ x 6 _ x 9 inches, and still having capacity for roll film and plate holder. The design is similar to the smaller Hawk-Eye, Jr., although different in some respects.

The lens is a first-class single achromatic, of the best quality, and is arranged with a focusing lever and scale; both vertical and horizontal finders, inter ground-glass screen, automatic registering tally showing number of exposures made, and a tripod plate for time work is provided.

The method of setting the shutter is similar to that of our higher priced cameras and has a time exposure stop, which is easily operated without any jar to the camera.

This camera uses the Sunlight film, and can be loaded and unloaded in broad daylight.

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