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Blair's The 4x5 Folding Hawk-Eye Camera

Manufacture: Blair Camera co.
Location: Boston, Mass.
Production Date: 1895-1898

This camera possesses all the advantages imaginable for a hand camera. Among the prominent features are a swing back and sliding and swinging front. It is also provided with plates, for use of tripod for both vertical and horizontal pictures; is very compact, measuring but 5 _ x 6 _ x 7 inches, and weighs when ready for work about two pounds. The covering is of best grain leather, the wood parts being made of mahogany and highly polished.

Holders for plates, cult film or roll film can be used interchangeably, and although the material and workmanship of this camera are of the best, we are enabled to offer it to our customers at a moderate price.

The shutter is similar to the one used in the �91 Hawk-Eye but with a number of additional improvements and is adapted for both time and instantaneous work.

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