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Blair's ' The 400 ' Camera

Manufacture: Blair Camera co.
Location: Boston, Mass.
Production Date: c1895

Size, folded, 6 _ x 3 _ x 8 _ inches; Weight, 4 pounds; Capacity, 50 4x5 pictures. Fitted with Bausch & Lomb Shutter, and 8 inch R. R. lens.

The "400" is positively the most compact 4x5 camera for roll film in existence, and the highest grade folding hand camera in the world. High priced, it may be considered, but if you care to possess the most marvelously beautiful, most wonderfully compact and most perfect working piece of photographic apparatus ever devised, you will not regret the investment.

Wood cuts and type can convey but a poor idea of the appearance of the camera. Every exposed part inside and out, when folded or unfolded is covered with the finest selected morocco leather, except the brass work, which is hand finished and lacquered.

The second illustration shows the extreme convenience of the shape (which is quite like a book) when folded, and only 3 _ inches thick, but the bellows capacity is nevertheless such that a lens of longer focus than usually employed with 4x5 cameras is fitted. It is an 8 inch Rapid Rectilinear, and with large opening gives beautiful definition to the extreme edges of the field.

The shutter may be set of automatically timed exposures of from 1-100 of a second to 3 seconds with great accuracy, as well as for longer exposures in the usual manner.

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