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  Time Line of Historic Cameras (3/6)

1851 Americans W. and W.H Lewis patent the Lewis daguerreotype camera. This was the first Camera to use an internal bellows from lens to glass plate.
1853 John B. Dancer from Manchester England, introduces the first twin lens stereoscopic camera.
1853 A. Quinet of Paris produces the first binocular-style stereo camera named the. Quinetoscope, after himself.
1853 Thomas Ottewill creates a compact folding Camera intended for the military. This was one of the first compact folding cameras ever made.
1854 Andre Adophe-Eugene Disderi patents the Cartes-de-visite system in France, using 8-12 lens photographing on one plate. A. A. Disderi standardizes photograph size mounted on card stock 2 3/8" x 4 1/4". Shown here is a later carte-de-visite camera from the American Scovill Company.
1854 Aurther James Melhuish and J. B. Spencer patent a camera roll holder loaded with sensitized paper

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