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  Time Line of Historic Cameras (4/6)

1856 The first pistol-shaped camera, a Pistolgraph miniature camera is introduced by EnglishmanThomas Skaife of England. Skaife is arrested when using his pistol-shaped camera to photograph Queen Victoria. Pictured here is Thompson's Revolver Camera made by A. Briois (Paris) around 1862
1858 A pocket stereo camera is introduced by the London stereoscopic company that is only 8 x 4 3/4 x 2 inches deep.
1860 Adolphe Bertsch’s fixed focus cameras are introduced in1860.
1860 Simon Wing of Charlestown, Massachusets, patents a sliding plate holder and a studio camera. He has good success selling his cost saving camera which is capable of making many unique images on a single plate. The Simon wing camera depicted here is a later version manufactured in 1899 - 1900.
1861 Thomas Sutton patents the first single-lens reflex camera. The photographer views the scene though the viewfinder which is the same line of sight from which the light passes the lens to expose the plate. Sutton's camera design was manufactured by Thomas Ross and J. Dallymeyer.

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