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Historic Camera
Time Line of Historic Cameras

The People, Photographic Inventions, Cameras and Time Line of Photography

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1891 the Kinetograph camera and Kinetoscope viewer patents applied for by Thomas Ava Edison.

1895 The Cinematographe (kinetoscope de projection) is patented by Louis Jean Lumiere and his brother August Marie Louis Nicolas Lumiere.

1913 Oskar Barnack at E. Leitz Optische Werke, Wetzlar, developed a few prototype cameras to use 35 mm still image format based on standard cinema film, "Small negatives, large images". In 1924 Leica produces the First production 35mm camera model, the Leica 1.
(later 1935 model depicted on left)

1913 Jules Richard manufactures the Homeos 35 mm stereo camera, the first commercially produced 35 mm stereo camera.