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  Time Line of Historic Cameras (5/6)

1864 One of the first motion picture camera and projector was patented by Louis Ducos du Hauron, but it was not produced.
1864 An English patent is secured for the Dubroni, a small boxlike camera made in 5 sizes for processing a photograph inside the camera.

1883 William Schmid patents the first type of “detective camera” for dry plates. Pictured on the right is a more common Blair Camera Co. Detective camera c.1890

1888 George Eastman patents and markets The “Kodak” camera at a cost of $25 for the complete outfit. It came preloaded with Eastman Celluloid film good for 100 pictures. After the amateur takes the photos, they then send the whole camera back to eastman for processing. Eastman revolutionized the photography industry by putting the capability to take photos into the hands of amatuers. Shown here is the first improved version of the kodak or the no. 1 model of 1889.

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