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The Historic Camera Collector Club, HCCC, is established to help members meet and share common interest, through the exchange of communications and the archiving of information about photography history and collecting.

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VOL 2, Q4 2003
An International History
Quarterly News Letter
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Camera and Photo Collecting Club

Club News!

Members Photo Contest: HCCC held our first members photo contest. It was fun to see the range of items entered and learn about others collection. I hope all enjoyed it. Congratulations to the Winners: first place >
LuvAntiques; second place > JamesMaresuk ; and third place > Valdis. Scoring Results can be viewed at http://www.historiccamera.com/contest1.html and the contest photos can be viewed at http://www.historiccamera.com/collections/index.php
If anybody has any suggestions for our next contest, please let me know.

HCCC Shop: This quarter we launched our members Shop. Our first line of gift items are a nice choice for any occasion. The shop is not just an internet store it is a members shop. This means that members are welcome and encouraged to participate in its development. High quality photos or graphic designs are welcome. Tell us what you would like to see and we will do it! Please help the club by making a purchase. http://www.cafepress.com/historiccamera

2004 Calendars: Our first community project is for the development of next years calendar. The Club is jurying a photo from your collection for inclusion into the calendar. Not only will your item be listed but you or your club will get credits on the page. See the progress at http://www.historiccamera.com/calendar/2004calendar.html Additionally, our member Andrea will be making a complete calendar from the Alinari collection of Italy. Look for it soon.
http://www.alinari.com/ . Others are also welcome to have a calendar made for their own website, shop or personal collection.

Donations: The club received a donation from a new England state Insurance agent. We in turn offered it to membership. HCCC member José María Noriega located in Mexico, was the first to request custodianship, and has reported that he safely received the vintage projector. Thanks Jose for helping preserve photographic History. On a side note, Jose’s website can be found at http://www.video.com.mx/

Web Site Stats: Site Traffic has dramatically increased this last month and we recorded over 35,000 page impressions in August, a new record. September page views are exceeding this amount. Our biggest attractions remain the history librarium's gallery, trade catalogues and our classified ads in assending order. Members are reminded that the classified ads are free to sell your vintage extras, we have had over 500 visitors this past month. Advertsing benefits are improving.
Significant Updates: There is a new article on the identification of photographs in the history librarium under the glossary category the is worth mentioning.

HCCC continues to be a recognized voice for the photography & collecting community.

Book Announcement: The long anticipated release of the HCCC book, “Early American Journal Articles Documenting the History of Photography”, is now available. The book is 175 pages and contains many rare articles from 1839 to 1897. It is very interesting and informative. A great reference for your photographic library. You can really sense the excitement and amazement of the discovery in the early articles from 1839. The book is currently spiral bound, but will be regular bound in a few weeks due to the publishers upgraded capabilities. The book is available now in the HCCC shop. Click Here for book or here for the HCCC SHOP

Q4 New Memberships: Sign up for the quarter has been good. We had 25 new members join his quarter. This brings our membership up to 130. Our New members are:

various cameras before 1950
msphatt Twin Len RolleiFlex cameras
antiquelord Varied. Stereo views. Other antique images. Uncommon cameras.
johna419 All types, Movie or Still cameras
jerryj2000 Late 1800s - Early 1900
garbc Old police cameras, & cameras in general
mickeyobe Antique cameras and accessories
paleololigo A little of everything: Art Deco cameras; Bakelite cameras; SLRs; Minolta cameras
phil Cameras and US Coins
bobwallace large format cameras and camera stands
videoworld Cine Kodak, Retina Reflex, Canon Rangefinder, Super 8 , 16mm, Bell&Howell Filmo, Bolex, Argus, Bauer, Kodak Instamatic, Kodak Brownie, Revere, Keystone
jacquot interest: field camera
valdis Russian and Soviet collectible cameras
naidu interest: Antique Cameras
dave Mostly interested in vintage, but collect everything involving photographica
LandRover if it looks old I'll look at it.
davegray mf folders
lathamtroy Watches, Cameras, Dishes, Coins
billbond All Photo
fiona Photography relating to Australia, women, cycling, 1890s, snapshots, albums
brcha Leica & Nikon rangefinders
poodlepp Old Box and folding cameras
WilliamArangoHurtado Cameras made before 1950
labman27 box and folding cameras
samweed Crown and Speed Graphics

The complete list of members homepages are located here...