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The Historic Camera Collector Club, HCCC, is established to help members meet and share common interest, through the exchange of communications and the archiving of information about photography history and collecting.

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Q2 2004
An International History
Quarterly News Letter
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Camera and Photo Collecting Club

Club News!

Web Site Update: We had a few web site improvements this quarter including the following:

1. The members home page has been improved by enabling the internal mail system and also it now provides a graphical layout for image placement when you go into your home page to modify it. Image upload is still managed through the members home page control panel. You will only see the improvement after you login to your home page.

2. The Classified Ads posting period has been increased from 8 weeks to 8 months without having to renew. This means that associate members can list their items for sale and just sit back until the right buyer comes along.

3. We hope you enjoyed the restoration information. Frank wrote a nice article on restoration. Thanks Frank for sharing your experience and providing many useful tips to help members during their own restoration. Also we have posted over two dozen practical and useful tips in the restoration message board.

4. We have compiled a complete collection of Kodak Camera and Supply Catalog covers to enjoy the art of Kodak advertisements and to assist collectors in knowing what is available on the market.

Photo Contest 2: We will be holding our second photo contest to run from April 10 - May 9. This contest will focus on images from your camera collection. Just take some photos and enter the digital image. Your best 5 Photos will be judged on 5 criteria starting May 10th. Everyone can be a judge. After a contestant uploads an image to the photo gallery, you can rate the photo and add some comments. This will be taken into consideration by the judges. An antique Photograph contest will be held later in the year and a creative one too. See the general write up on the contest page.

Promotion: 2 for 1. Sign up 2 new Associate members and get 1 free HCCC T-shirt. New members sign up with the normal club membership application form, and add your user name in the promotions field and you will be credited. To download printable forms to display on your shop counter or show table follow this link. Not only will you help to make the club fun, but you will also receive a nice quality gift .

HCCC Shop: Our members Shop continues to grow with new books, images and clothes items. Please support the club by making a purchase for yourself or as a gift. Design suggestions are always welcome. Click here to browse the shop : http://www.cafepress.com/historiccamera

Shop update:

Expanded Second Edition paperback now available !

Our Second Edition of the HCCC book “Early American Journal Articles Documenting the History of Photography, is now in available in paperback format with standard paperback binding. $24.95.
Several new articles were added including Frank Leslies'. Available here.

Members Receive a $5.00 direct rebate from HCCC after you purchase this book at regular price from the shop. Just fill in the feedback form with the words "$5.00 Rebate"

Featured Article: This months featured article is short but very rare and costly, so it is available only for Associate and Elite members. Basic members are encouraged to upgrade to a paying membership to support the club and gain access to a wealth of information.

Extracted from a the historically significant publication "Humphrey's Journal of the Daguerreotype and Photographic Arts." For April 15, 1857. This months featured article announces the New Melainotype process in ads by various companies including Neff himself! The Melainotype was patented in Feb 1856, by Peter Neff Jr. Click here for more info from our history librarium on the Melainotype process. This Months Featured PDF formated article can be downloaded for reading by clicking here.

Annual Members Survey is Scheduled for April-May: Please give us your feedback when the survey is announced. A club is not a club without its members participating and supporting it.

Web Site Stats: Site Traffic has been consistant just under the 50,000 page impressions per month. Our biggest attractions continue to be the history librarium's gallery and our classified ads. Sales in the classified have been good.

Q4 New Memberships: Sign up for the quarter has been very good. We had 38 new members join his quarter. This brings our membership up to 185 listed. Please welcome our new members:

hreekie Old Folders
mgroleau Cameras before 1960, Books, Magazines, accessories
masslass1954 Kodak collectibles-cameras-vintage items.any and all Kodak items
murphy2u Information on a antique German camera passed on from my grandfather
gary7494 I have some antique cameras I wish to sell.
sassydorfy Old pictures
mezzanotteobscura Cameras, Images
thomdurkin Old TLC 620 or 120
eriksat1 Camera
mexicanmcguyver Antiques in general
gigij79 35 mm
jmsnope Various
timbo Popular cameras, especially those made of bakelite or plastic.
cameranut44 old cameras, all of them
arthur Pre 1940 single lens reflex cameras of British origin
frankzemaitis Screwmount Leicas ans Leica Copies and oldeer focal plane 35mm
piero rangefinder, classic, bellows
alguhl 1] Graflex; [2] Cameras I've owned in the past [3] Some neat oldies.
craig Eastman Plus many others
monte1031 restoring, collecting, tools etc
mercules anything
mrgreen Tintypes,Ambrotypes,Daguerreotype, stereo from 1850's to 1865
markmccarty Large Format and Studio Cameras
huffmalw Rangefinders, particularly Canon
ron cameras
parrotcam Interested in historical camera designs as a reference for current design.
chuckcollins US coins
elkoussyb old cameras
shadowsmithphoto 19th & early 20th century view cameras & lenses; lantern slides & early photogravures
frenetic-shootist Turn of 20th century to mid 40's large format
geastman86 Collecting antique folding cameras and box cameras. I view Antique Cameras as pieces of art.
russco23513 Hand crank movie cameras
geoff plate cameras
bobhollenbeck Cameras etc from 1800's
twt Leica
daggazulu Vintage Voigtlander, Zeiss, Leica cameras and lenses.
jwasley4th 35mm cameras from Zeiss, Agfa, Kodak and Leica!!
shutterfly Antique cameras & photographs

The complete list of members homepages are located here...

Banner Ads: We have begun carrying banner ads from Google that pay HCCC per click throughs. Members can support the club by simply clicking on the google banner ad links on the top right corner of most pages, excluding member home pages. Please help support the club and our sponsors by clicking on the banner ads.

Suggestions: As always please submit your suggestions, show or event info, and comments to Tom



Check the HCCC Calendar for more info and originator web site before making plans


Saturday, April 3, 2004

Spring Photo Fair
San Jose, CA

Sunday, April 18, 2004

Wayne, New Jersey

Buena Park, CA.

Skokie, Illinois

Denver Photographic Society Show

Saturday, April 24, 2004

Puget Sound Photographic Collector's Society Show
Location: Puyallup, Wa.

Sunday, April 25, 2004

Southfield, Mi


Sunday, June 13, 2004

Location: Wayne, New Jersey

Location: St. Louis, MO

Sunday, June 20, 2004

Location: Buena Park, CA

Sunday, May 27, 2004

Hayward Photo Show
Location: hayward, CA


Sunday, May 9, 2004

Location: Wayne, New Jersey

2004 Photographica fair (GB)
Location: London, England

Sunday, May 16, 2004

Location: Buena Park, CA

Sunday, May 25, 2004

Hayward Photo Show
Location: hayward, CA


Sunday, July 13, 2004

Location: St. Louis, MO

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Location: Buena Park, CA