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The Historic Camera Collector Club, HCCC, is established to help members meet and share common interest, through the exchange of communications and the archiving of information about photography history and collecting via the internet.

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Q1 2007
An International History
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Camera and Photo Collecting Club

Club News!

Web Site Updates : We are slowly updating the website with new improved applications. We have added a new message bulletin board and new photo gallery. We are also transforming the club to be more self service and member self maintaining. All new and existing memberships will sign them self up for which ever features that they would like. From you personal home page to the new bulletin board, classified ads and new photo gallery. We are also still exploring an upgrade to our classified ads, by replacing it with an ebay auction type program. We have identified the program we would like to use, but are still unsure if the investment warrantes it due to lack of participation. So, depending on the activity of the site and deciding if it would really be cost effective we will make a choice to go forward. Newsletters have also been sporadic due to lack of interest by members and content support. Only one or two individuals have asked about the absence of it, indicating that there is not much interest. The birth of another child has limited the time and resources our web master can donate to the site so updates are infrequent, but the quality should remain the same.

New Message Board: the open source program PHP bulletin board was selected for our site. We have had complaints about the old message board not displaying comments for days or failing to allow new posts. Also the photo upload add on feature was not robust, however the new board does not have a photo upload. Therefore you can only link to your self hosted photo, where you can upload a photo in the new gallery and provide a link to it. Members need to self register to use it. It is open to the public and anyone can sign Check it out by clicking here.

New Photo Gallery: What a nightmare we had. The Photo post application we were using was reportedly an old version that allowed hackers to take advantage of it, and they did. We had the site repeatedly attached and wiped out through the use of a Trojan horse which erased all the data and placed a control panel so that the hacker could operate it. They at one time uploaded a false paypal site. Scary to say the least. An upgrade to the photo post program was hundreds and had to use an unsafe mode to host. Which is why it was hosted on the historic photographer site on a separate server. In light of the problem we have decided to upgrade to a common gallery coppermine. It seems to be working out fine. Check it out by clicking here.

SPAM: We haven't figure out how to stop the spam on the message board or gallery, so we please ask you patience and understanding as we work through this minor attack.

Membership :

All membership are self service. Sign up for membership by clicking here for links to specific website services, including home page, messageboard, photogallery, etc. Submit your contact information to the private club databse of members for future events or coorespondence by following this link.

HCCC Shop:

Remember the HCCC shop for yourself and all your gift giving items. The shop has some great designs for clothing, home products like coffee cups, Images and books including reproduction of historic and antique camera catalogues! Click Here to browse the shop..

Recommended Poster

Featured Article #1- 1889 Fifty Years of Photography by Harpers Weekly. You see it everywhere, now here is a free copy of the historic article documenting the first 50 years. Also note that this poster is available in our shop. Get the article by clicking the image or clicking here.

Featured Article #2 -

FREE Theatre Prop camera instructions:

The club had a generous donation from a friend named Leigh. He built a studio prop for a project he was working on and wanted to share it with anyone who could use it saying "I dislike seeing work go to waste". It is for a sliding-box camera replica intended as a set prop. The drawings are based upon a couple of early American cameras, one at least which was hand-made. The latter included a tripod was designed from parts of an old piano stool. Feel free to include them in your web site or distribute them freely as you see fit. Now that's what we call community support. Click on the image to download the PDF.

Q1 New Memberships: Sign up for the club continues to grow with new members coming as well as others departing. Our membership now stands at 339 home pages active.

EMAIL Reminder: if your email is not working or blocked to our messages your membership will be deleted. Update your membership information by correcting the club features that you have signed up for or follow the link on the club page or click here!

Don't Forget to update your home page with images of yourself, your collection, your work. Add info about your biography and collection to share with others!

The complete list of members home pages are located here...

or search by name, state or whatever by clicking here...

Suggestions: As always please submit your suggestions, show or event info, and comments.

Articles Wanted: please contribute your articles to share with members. Please help make it a success by contributing. We are open to all suggestions!! Submit here.



1. New show listing will be posted on our new message board.

See the latest details on the upcoming OCCS Show here

2. Check our Database for camera shows by promoter and city by clicking here