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  Tropical Ica

The Tropical or Tropica camera was manufactured by the Ica A.G. camera company of Dresden, Germany from approximately 1911 to 1926. A 5 x 7 inch hand camera designed for use in harsh climates. This was accomplished through a the use of constructing the camera body and bed with teak wood and reinforcing all corners and angles with heavy aluminum. No glue was used in the construction. The black leather bellows was chemically processed to withstand the ravages of insects. Features included a rigid, U shaped aluminum front standard with rising, falling and sliding movements operated with two separate screw adjustments. An automatic take up device on the bellows to prevent the bellows from sagging. It is equipped with an extra large brilliant finder that is collapsible, and designed with the Ica indestructible metal mirror. A double extension bellows that extended 16 1/2 inches. A clamp on revolving back with a large folding focusing hood. Two tripod sockets are also included. The Tropical camera was fitted with a Carl Zeiss double Protar F6.8 lens and a compound shutter capable of speed from one to 1/150 of a second, including time, bulb. Capable of accepting either film packs or plates. The camera was originally priced at $180.00. It measured 9 1/4 x 3 3/8 x 8 7/8 inches when closed, and weighed approximately 7 pounds, 14 oz.

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