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Polyscope model B

The Polyscope model B stereo camera was manufactured by the Ica A.G. camera company of Dresden, Germany in circa 1925. This stereo camera was capable of taking pictures 6 x 13 centimeter pictures on a film pack adapter, a magazine holding twelve plates or a single metal plate holder. A size larger than the model A. This camera aslso had the optional feature of being able to take panoramic photos. A button allows the front to slide to the left allowing one lens to be centered and the other is covered. Constructed of aluminum with a fixed extension with a screw adjustment for focusing and rising front. A brilliant reflecting finder and a direct vision finder. Fitted with a matched pair of Zeiss Series Ic lens f4.5 with 4 inch focus in a stereo compound shutter having speeds up to 1/300 of a second.

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