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  Pocket Seneca No. 29

The Pocket Seneca No. 29 was manufactured by the Seneca Camera Manufacturing Co. and introduced in 1909. Designed as a compact instrument that fits into a coat pocket weighing only 19 ounces. It was simple enough that a beginner could use it. Constructed of wood with dovetail corners and exposed areas finished in ebony with the oustside covered with walrus grain leather. The metal work was nickel plated brass and highly polished. The bellows were made of leatheret and lined with gossamer cloth. Features included a rigid metal front, reversible view finder, meniscus achromatic lens or rapid rectilinear lens, Seneca Uno shutter with bulb and tube attachment, rear ground glass for focusing and two tripod sockets. Takes 4 x 5 inch size images on film pack adapters. Priced at $7.50 when fitted with the meniscus lens and $9.00 with the R.R. lens.

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