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  Century Grand Studio Outfit No. 5

Mfg: Century Camera Company
Location: Rochester, New York
Model: Grand Studio Outfit No. 5
Category: Studio Camera
Production Dates: 1900 - 1907
Film: Glass Plates


For the photographer who conducts a branch studio at the beach or summer resort, where the work is confined to small prints and post cards, the Century Outfit No 5 is unquestionably the most complete and serviceable equipmetn of its kind that has ever been produced. The Outfit consists of camera with sliding back, lens, stand and double plate holder.

Space is a valuable consideration in such galleries, and the outfit by its very simplicity will handle the crowd with great rapidity and accuracy. The outfit is neatly finished in hard wood.

THE CAMERA. - A 5x7 portrait camera, having 14 inch bellows, swing back, sliding plate holder, carrier and new micrometer focusing device is supplied wiht the N0. 5 outfit. Teh camera back is reversible, and accomodates regular 5x7 double plates holders. An automatic locking arrangement secures the back in three positions, permitting on, two, or four exposures on a 5x7 plate. Size of the lens board is 6 3/4 x 6 3/4 in.

THE LENS. - The lens is a Bausch & Lomb portrait lens , working at F:5, and equipped with iris diaphram; it has a focal length of 10 in. and produces portraits of remarkable brilliancy.

CAMERA STAND. � The stand is substanially made of hard wood, richly finished, and equipped with a raising and lowering device, which is positive in its action, and automatically locks the stand at any desired elevation. A new gravity tilting device is an exclusive feature of this stand.

Reference for: 1902

Century Studio Outfit No. 5, including Century 5x7 Portrait Camera, and Universal Holder, No. 5

5 x 7 Century Camera Stand - $40.00

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