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  Andrew H. Baird Company

Andrew Hamilton Baird was a scientific instrument maker and chemical dealer from about 1889 to the 1940's. The business was originally located at 15 Lothian street in Edinburg. Over time the business grew and in May 1895 the location moved to a few doors down to 37-39 Lothian St. and after 1902 it expanded to include several adjacent buildings from 33 to 39 Lothian St..

In the late 1880's Baird began carrying photographic supplies. In early advertisements he used the phrase "everything scientific" but in 1889 he published an ad that claimed "everything photographic". The firm manufactured the popular Todd-Forret magnesium flash lamp and Baird's own 'Lothian' stereoscope in addition to a few cameras including the 'Lothian' cyclist camera.

Andrew H. Baird was an avid photographer and a member, and later beginning in 1906 the president of, the Edinburgh Photographic Society.

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