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  Bilora Radix

Photo Courtesy of OZBOX - © All Rights Reserved

The Radix camera series was manufactured by the Kurbi & Niggeloh (Bilora) Company of Radevormwald/RHLD, Germany beginning in 1948. There were a number of Radix models produced from 1948 into the 1950s. This was a compact camera for taking 24 x 24 mm sized exposures on Karat cassettes.

Radix (first Model) - Anastigmat lens and simple rotary shutter
Radix35 - Improved Radionar f3.5 lens
Radix 35B - Fitted with Biloxar f3.5 lens
Radix 35BH - Improved 5 speed shutter
Radix 35 S - Radionar f3.5 lens like 35B
Radix 35 SH - 5 speed shutter and Radionar f3.5 lens
Radix 56 - Biloxar f5.6 lens
Radix 56 A - Biloxar f5.6 lens with synchronized flash shoe
Radix 56 A Richard - Same as 56 A but with Richard label
Radix 56 BH

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