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Sell Your Antique Cameras
& Camera Catalogs

Historic Camera


Historic Camera Offers a few ways for you to sell your Antique Photographic Items, including:

- Old Photographs and Pictures
- Antique Cameras and Equipment
- Old Photography Books and Brochures
- Stories and empheria


The Historic Camera Collector club purchases select items. We are mainly interested in Historic cameras and lenses mainly from the turn of the century or before. We are also interested in trade catalogues and brochures describing camera product lines and early photographic images illustrating our history to increase our "History Librarium" knowledge base show casing photographic information. Some of the camera lines we are most interested in are:

Rochester Optical Company
Rochester Camera Company
American Optical Company
E & HT Anthony
Wet plate Cameras
Daguerreotype Cameras

ETC .......

Send us a photo of your items and an asking price and we mail you back. admin@historiccamera.com

2 Advertise and sell your photographic items for free in our classified ads "4 Sale" section that is availalbe to members. Membership is also free. Adding an item is possible when you log into your members control panel.
3 You can also post a message on our message board describing your camera preferrably with an image .


Please Donate to the Historic Camera Collector Club (HCCC). We are a small operation providing a free service and sharing all of our information with the world and we can use your help. Just email us a list of items for acceptance. Remember us in your will we will preserve your photographic history. See our donations page for more info on helping the club, not only share photographic history with the public but preserve it for future generations. admin@historiccamera.com