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Historic Camera is always interested in helping our members and guests enrich their lives through the learning of photography history. We are trying to grow to have more of a positive impact and are always willing to work with other organizations to establish common goals to help acheive new frontiers that are mutually beneficial.

Sponsors HC is in need of corporate sponsorship. The HCCC mission is to enhance photographic history. This is a strong image builder for your company. Partnering with Historic camera not only brings awareness to photographic enthusiasts but also helps to build a corporate culture of sharing , preserving and buidling an admired reputation. Contact the Admin @ historiccamera.com for more information.font>
Brochures Brochure or Post Cards can be made for Museums and Special events.
HCCC Show Representative Be an HC promoter at your camera trade show table and you can earn some nice gifts. Contact HCCC and identify the show that you would like to display HC information.
Show Promoters Enhance your camera show by raffling off HCCC products. See Available Products at our HCCC shop of photographic history, click here.
Links and Graphics Please link to HCCC and let us know about it. We will gladly place a link in our search directory and even provide a short exposure in our advertisement window. If you would like a special size or design, just drop us an email and will generate one for you.

Advertising We are willing and able to trade premium advertising or work out an arrangement for advertisement in our banner ad system. Feel free to suggest innovative ways to use this service.
Presentations HCCC has a history of photography presentation available in addition to affliate presenters such as historical photo processes and the impct of internet on collecting. Contact us to present at your show or event.
Student Discounts HCCC provides student discounts on HCCC historical books and products purchased from the HCCC shop of photographic history. Send in your proof of enrollment and a copy of your merchandise purchase receipt and HCCC will provide you with a 10% refund on all purchased products.

Questions or Comments? Contact US at admin@HistoricCamera.com

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