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The Historic Camera Collector Club, HCCC, is established to help members meet and share common interest, through the exchange of communications and the archiving of information about photography history and collecting via the internet.

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Q4 2005
An International History
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Club News!

Happy Holidays!

Web Site Development Progress Slowed : The message boards, the classified ads, the photo gallery, have been slow for the last two quarters. No one has submitted any articles or information and the web master has been too busy to stir up interest. As your web master, I had my share of significant life events in the last year, that dramatically slowed the pursuit of building this web site and my hobby. Pictured here is the good news of one of the life events. Pretty darn cute, huh? Leaving very little time to upgrade the web site functionality, add historical information or even pursue any personal historic camera collecting. I apologize for being absent, but family comes first. So, expect the site info to move slow from my end for some time, at least until I get to sleep through the night and get up to speed on my new job. So, if you ever were willing to help, share and pitch-in with new relavent content and images for photography collectors, now is the time.


The Historic Camera web site traffic has been steady but at a lower page view rate as compared to last year as the bar chart depicts . The site has averaged 54,334.18 page views per month in 2005. Which is still pretty good, but with fewer postings from the community. We continue to be ranked well in Google, Yahoo, AOL, MSN and the rest of the top search engines.

Spring Membership Drive : The annual spring membership drive did not have an effect on sign ups, they continued to be consistant as with previous periods with most memberships were opting for the basic membership.

You can download printable member application forms to display on your shop counter or show table by following this link.

HCCC Shop:

Remember the HCCC shop for all your gift giving items. The shop has some great designs for clothing, home products like coffee cups, Images and books including reproduction of historic and antique camera catalogues! Click Here to browse the shop..

Suggestions: As always please submit your suggestions, show or event info, and comments.

Articles Wanted: please contribute your articles to share with members. Please help make it a success by contributing. We are open to all suggestions!! Submit here.

EMAIL Reminder: Remember if your email is not working your membership will be deleted. Update your membership information by following the link on the club page or click here!



Check our Database for camera shows by promoter and city by clicking here

Featured Article #1- Holmes, Booth and Haydens : The impact Holmes, Booth and Haydens made on the beginning photographic industry is historic. They helped pave the way for American made Daguerreotype plates and the advancement of Photography. Our featured article is a biography of the company and its founding fathers.. Click here to read their pioneering story. This addition makes a total of 13 historic photographic companies that we have biographies for.

Featured Article #2- The Evolution of the Camera by W.I. Lincoln Adams 1901: A very good article on the history of photography from one of the most respected photography writers of his day. W. I. Lincoln Adams, was the son of Washington Irving Adams who the president of the Scovill and Adams company and is credited with inventing one of the, if not the first amateur cameras in America in 1881 which sold for $10 dollars. W. I. Lincoln Adams, was the editor of Scovills Photgraphic Times, The Amateur Photographer" and also wrote, Sunlight and Shadow, In Nature's Image, Woodland and Meadow, Photographing in Old England. W.I. Lincoln Adams organized the Goodwin Film and Camera Co. and aided in the organization of Ansco. This article is from Munsey’s Magazine, vol. 25 no.5, August 1901, 10¢. Click here to read his historical ebook in PDF format.

Q3-Q4 New Memberships: Sign up for the quarters have been good. Our membership now stands at 311 active. Please welcome our new members by sending them a warm hello:

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