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The Historic Camera Collector Club, HCCC, is established to help members meet and share common interest, through the exchange of communications and the archiving of information about photography history and collecting.

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Q3 2004
An International History
Quarterly News Letter
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Camera and Photo Collecting Club

Club News!

We had a few activites and web site improvements this quarter including the following:

1. SURVEY: We held our annual spring member survey. The response to the survey was good at almost 10%. I would like to thank those who provided an input for our 2004 survey. I really appreciate it. A few of the major points were :

Positive: - Information and content rated highest and main reason for joining.
- Features considered good 1) information 2).newsletter 3). email updates 4). Gallery & calendar

Negative: There continues to be a lack of time and desire for members to interact via the internet.

2. Historic Camera's Identification: Our most significant improvement this quarter was for the start of our section called "the timeline of historic cameras". Only 28 cameras have been submitted to the timeline. There are so many more. See the information by clicking here.

3. Photo Contest #2: We held our second photo contest from April 10 - May 9. However, The contest was cancelled due to lack of participation and interest. We will only hold another contest if there is overwhelming requests from members or a sponser provides a significant prize to motivate members.

4. History of the Projector: We had an article submitted by a freelance writer desiring to be published. Historic Camera accepts articles from members and non-members and we are happy to post if it is accepted for quality and content. Submit your articles for publication. To read the article click here

5. Pioneer Photographer William Prettyman: HCCC was contacted by the great, great grandson of William Prettyman, Don Prettyman. After learning about Williams fascinating accomplishments as an early frontier photographer, I knew others would like to know also. Don offered to provide a short bio on Williams life for our History Librarium. Click Here for the article

Get the Word out and Sign up members: Download printable member application forms to display on your shop counter or show table by following this link. Not only will you help to make the club fun, but you will also receive a nice quality gift . Note that if you sign up 2 new Associate members you will get a free HCCC T-shirt. New members sign up with the normal club membership application form, and add your user name in the promotions field and you will be credited.

HCCC Shop: The on demand printing of our historical articles book was delayed by the publisher. But all have been put into the mail and members that purchased the special offer discounted book should receive it shortly. Please support the club by making a purchase for yourself or as a gift. Design suggestions are always welcome. Click here to browse the shop : http://www.cafepress.com/historiccamera

Volunteers Wanted: please help this site and club by contributing your time, talent, research, photos, etc. We are open to all suggestions!!

Featured Article: This months featured journal article is a story about the "Boston Camera Club ". It is from the 1893 "New England Magazine, an Illustrated Monthly". The article describes the club and activities during the period of great discovery by the amatuer photographer. Available for download in PDF format for paying members by clicking here. (22 pages, 1.6M file size)

Basic memebers can upgrade to gain access to the ebooks by clicking here.

Banner Ads: We have begun carrying banner ads from Google that pay HCCC about ten cents per click . Members can support the club by simply clicking on the google banner ad links on the top right corner of most pages, excluding member home pages. Please help support the club and our sponsors by clicking on the banner ads.

Web Site Server: We have found a new affordable server to host the site. Please be aware that several services will have to be reconstructed, therefore upgrades will be used, and some data may be lost. I will try to port everything over, but it may be some time before things look the same, Atleast for the next month. Also with this new server we will be able to host other sites at a very affordable cost. Contact us if you are interested or pass the word on to friends.

Web Site Stats: Site Traffic has reduced this quarter to less than 40,000 page impressions per month, possibly due to summer activities. Our biggest attraction continues to be the history librarium.

Q4 New Memberships: Sign up for the quarter has been good. We had 31 new members join his quarter. This brings our membership up to 196 active. Please welcome our new members:

walterjohnson photo-toys, and junk items, Pin-hole cameras
oldecameras old & unusual photographic equipment
lesr2000 Leica 3f camera and lenses.
shreve old cameras
bfine99 old cameras
drafvidal Cameras
david kodak
drs100 Old Kodak view cameras
redtaff Cameras
donshannon cameras from 20's/30's
burdona001 1800's to1940's
richardboushell Older,interesting pieces.
streamline68 Many
lingleeus Precision Miniature 35mm
Angelina Cameras
manalaki early cameras & manufacturers history
bobkulinski I collect 19th century cameras, especially daguerrian equipment, wet plate, and multi-lens cameras.
citycamera Photographica ; Still Cameras; Photographic Equipment
cliveb Voigtlander; Nikon; Wide Angle Cameras
jfarace 3D
briankurtz anything old
fotographica Cameras from the beginning to about 1930, photography adds and photgraphs as well.
rangefinder Vintage bellows and box cameras, light meters, and glass slide projectors.
kerouacknew Interested in learning about vintage cameras.
tsaad Antique cameras
long antique
woldman US Currently I am collecting classic 35mm cameras - trying to obtain examples of the various types
rose231 Premo camera
tomv Street cameras; direct positive; paper negative; ferrotype; street photographer backdrops, props, images, etc.

Don't Forget to update your home page with images of yourself, your collection, your work. And add info on your Bio and collection to share with others!

The complete list of members homepages are located here...

EMAIL Reminder: Remember if your email is not working your membership will be deleted. Update your membership information by following the link on the club page or click here!

Suggestions: As always please submit your suggestions, show or event info, and comments to Tom



Check the HCCC Calendar for more info and originator web site before making plans


Sunday, July 13, 2004

Location: St. Louis, MO

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Location: Buena Park, CA

Washington Photorama Camera Show
Location: McLean, Virgina

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Location: Hayward, California

Detroit Photorama USA Show & Sale
Location: Troy Michigan,


Sunday, September 12, 2004

The 43rd International Camera and Image Show & Sale
Chicago Photographic Collectors Society
Location: Oak Brook, IL

Location: Wayne, New Jersey

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Location: New York City, NY.

Location: Buena Park, CA

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Location: St. Louis, MO


Sunday, August 8, 2004

Location: Wayne, New Jersey

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Location: Buena Park, CA

Sunday, August 21, 2004

Spring Photo Fair
Location: San Jose, CA


Sunday, October 3, 2004

39th Semi-Annual Photographic Show
Western Photographic Historical Society
Location: Tucson, AZ

Sunday, October 10, 2004

SECOND SUNDAY SHOW & SALE [ recurring event ]
Location: Wayne, New Jersey

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Location: Buena Park, CA