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The Historic Camera Collector Club, HCCC, is established to help members meet and share common interest, through the exchange of communications and the archiving of information about photography history and collecting via the internet.

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Q1 2006
An International History
Quarterly News Letter
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Club News!

Web Site Updates : We had a lot of updates this past quarter including a series of short article postings from scientific american supplements. They are historically important and also quite interesting. Below are the direct links to the pages in the database, or you can do a search on Journal-eBook from the librariums search feature:

Historic Article
1885 Astronomical Photography
1886 Photographic Apparatus


The Historic Camera web is set up to accommodate banner advertising on each page to help with costs. Lately we have been running google ads and Amazon ads. To start out the spring we will be showcasing member sites that directly relate with the clubs focus of antique cameras and photography. Possibly add some show information too. If you would like to have your site considered for inclusion, email us with your link. If you would like to make your own ad image, create it to be a 200 x 120 pixel size describing your site, similar to this:

Membership :

Sign up here or you can download printable member application forms to display on your shop counter or show table by following this link.

HCCC Shop:

We are pleased to announce our latest addition to the shop. A facsimile copy of an 1851 Horn, Thornewaithe and Wood catalogue. A historic item that documents Daguerreian and Calotype Cameras. Click on the image for a direct link to purchase.

Remember the HCCC shop for all your gift giving items. The shop has some great designs for clothing, home products like coffee cups, Images and books including reproduction of historic and antique camera catalogues! Click Here to browse the shop..

1851 Catalogue



Check our Database for camera shows by promoter and city by clicking here

Shows of interest:

  • 17th Boston Antique Photo Image Show Sunday 2 April
  • Vancouver Camera Show and Swap Meet April 9
  • Puget Sound Photographic Collector's Society's 26th Annual Camera, Photographica Sale, April 29
  • Photographica Show & Sale (PHSNE), April 29-30
  • 44th Annual Spring International Camera and Image Show & Sale chicago (CPCS )may 7
  • 44th Annual International "Original Collectors Show" AUCTION o SHOW o SALE Sponsored by the Ohio Camera Collectors Society (OCCS) May 26-28

Horne, Thornthwaite and Wood

Featured Article #1- In connection with our release of our latest facsimile catalogue, we have a historic entry for Horne and Thornthwaite founded in London in the early 1840s as one of the first pioneering firms manufacturing quality photographic apparatus (i.e.: camera's ). Wood later joined the historically important firm which significantly contributed to the advancement of photography. Read about the company by clicking here.

Featured Article #2 - In our growing list of historic Camera manufacturers, we have a new entry for the Century Camera Company. If you have an image of the centruy camera co. building, please submit it to us. Learn about the century camera company by clicking here

We have also added the Century Camera Company Product Listing to our as a reference to our data base and can be found under the product listing category or by clicking here.

Featured Article #3 - In our growing list of historic Photographers we recently acquired a historic article on the MEADE BROTHERS GALLERY of New York as reported in Gleason's Pictorial Drawing-Room Companion. The Meade brothers were active in read about their daguerreotype gallery of 1853 by clicking here.

Q1 New Memberships: Sign up for the quarter was OK with 17 new members. Our membership now stands at 328 active. Please welcome our new members by sending them a warm hello:

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