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Search the history librarium to find useful and interesting information on the history of photography, important people, early photographic companies, pioneering photographers, photographic images and historic camera galleries.

Category Record Name Link

Photographer John Plumbe Jr. plumbe
Photographer Traugott Richard t_richards
Photographer Charles D. Fredricks ( C.D. Fredricks ) fredericks
Photographer Jeremiah Gurney
Photographer Mathew B. Brady brady
Photographer William S. Prettyman: Frontier Photographer prettyman
Photographer G & D Hay : Photographic Artists
Photographer Samuel Masury masury
Photographer Edward A. Caner edward_caner

Company H.A. Hyatt Photo Supply hyatt
Company Blair Camera Company blair_camco
Company E. & H.T. Anthony Company anthonyco
Company Ray Camera Company ray_camera_company
Company Rochester Optical Comapny rochester_optical_company
Company Scovill Company scovill
Company Wollensak Optical Company wollensak
Company Early American Company Life Summary company_summary
Company Baush and Lomb Company baush_and_lomb
Company G. Gennert Photographic Company gennert
Company Early American Photography Company Life Summary summary
Company W. Watson & Sons Manufacture watsonco

Studio Brund brund_studio
Studio J. A. Brush brush
Studio Mathew Bradey brady_studio
Studio Bar & Young Studio bar_young
Studio Frank Alverson alverson
Studio A. M. Allen allen_studio
Studio CDV Backing: E & H.T. Anthony Studio anthonystudio

Photograph Ambrotype: Martha photo_martha
Photograph Glass Negative Photo: Ladies Sitting Problems sitting
Photograph Glass Negative Photo: Variations on Camera Adjustment cyrusexp
Photograph Glass Negative Photo: Mr. Big Tie big_tie
Photograph Glass Negative Photo: All Aboard the Ship shipboard
Photograph Glass Negative Photo: Sharing A Good Book book_sharing
Photograph Glass Negative Photo: The Athlete the_athlete
Photograph Melainotype Photograph of Couple melainotype_pic
Photograph Daguerreotype of Sitting Woman dagphoto1
Photograph 1909 Eastman Kodak Co. Advertising Photo contest kodakadpics
Photograph Collecting African-American Photographs. african_am
Photograph Hand Tinted CDV: Caller Haddies caller_haddies
Photograph Miltary Photo Taken with a Kodak No. 1 parade_photo_kodakno1

Optics Early century camera lens and shutters centuryshutters
Optics R.O. & C. C. 1899 Auto Shutter roc_auto-shutter
Optics Scovill Waterbury Lens waterbury_lens

Product Line Anthony Camera Co. Product Listing anthony_products
Product Line Blair Camera Company Product listing blair-products
Product Line Century Camera Company Product Listing centuryprodline
Product Line Eastman Kodak Co. Product Listing kodakproducts
Product Line Houghton Product Listing houghtonproducts
Product Line Ray Camera Co. Product Listing rayproducts
Product Line Rochester Optical Co. Product Listing rocproducts

Catalogue Jump page for camera trade catalogues Journal
Catalogue No. 4 Kodak Junior Camera kodakno4junior
Catalogue Kodak Improved No. 5 Folding Camera kodakno5
Catalogue Kodak Improved No. 6 Folding Camera kodakno6
Catalogue Kodak Improved No. 4 Folding Camera kodakno4imp
Catalogue Kodak No. 4 Box Camera (early) kodakn04
Catalogue No. 3 Kodak Junior Camera kodakno3junior
Catalogue Kodak No. 3 Box camera (early) kodakno3
Catalogue Kodak No. 2 Box Camera (early) kodakno2
Catalogue Kodak No. 1 Box Camera (early) kodakno1

Glossary Dating Card Type Photographs dating_photo_cards
Glossary Camera Obscura History camera_obscura
Glossary Identification of Photographic plate Size platesize
Glossary Photo-Type Timeline photo_type_timeline
Glossary Daguerreotype Plate Manufacturer Marks dag_marks
Glossary Dating Cameras by film type film_dating
Glossary Restoring Antique Camera's repair
Glossary History and Definition of Photographic camera Lens optics
Glossary Peter Neff's 1856 Melainotype Patent Announcement neff
Glossary Photographic Image Identification photo_id
Glossary The History of Projectors – The Battle for Brightness projector_history

E-Book History and Definition of Photographic Lens photolens
E-Book History and Definition of Photographic Lens lens
E-Book Original 1888 Brochure: The Kodak Camera kodak_ebook
E-Book How to Make Photos with the Premo & Poco Cameras howto
E-Book The Illustrated History of Photography illustrated_history
E-Book 1890 ebook Ad: A Hawk-Eye View of Africa blair_story_ad
E-Book A Clear Case of Photographic Fever kodak_story_ad
E-Book 1889 Article: Amateur Photographer lilliput
E-Book 1858 ebook: Am Handbook of the Daguerreotype am_dag_book
E-Book 1839 Misc Notes on Photogenic Drawing 1839notes
E-Book 1888 Scientific American :The Kodak Camera 1888amsci
E-Book Crystal Palace Exhibits of 1853 crystalpalace

People J.W. Draper draper
People M. Argo arago
People Eastman, George eastman
People Daguerre, Louis Jacques Mande daguerre
People Talbot, William Henry Fox talbot
People Wedgewood, Thomas thomas_wedgewood
People Herschel, Sir john herschel
People William H. Walker wmwalker
People Samuel Morse : Father of American Photography morse

Gallery Auto Graflex auto_graflex
Gallery Ernemann Ernoflex Model 1 ernemann_ernoflex
Gallery R.B. Graflex Series B Camera graflex_b
Gallery Pathe, 28mm Movie Camera pathe
Gallery No. 1A Folding Pocket Kodak, R.R. type 1afoldpocket
Gallery Blair Hawkeye Detective Camera blairdet
Gallery Blair Stereo Weno Camera blairstereo
Gallery Simon Wing New Gem wing_gem
Gallery Kodak No. 2 Stereo Brownie Camera browniestereo
Gallery Franke & Heidecke: Heidoscop Camera heidoscop
Gallery No. 1 Kodak Camera 1888_kodak
Gallery Pocket Poco pocketpoco
Gallery No. 1 Folding Pocket Kodak foldpocket1
Gallery New Model Improved newmodelimp
Gallery Telephoto Cycle Poco D telephotocyclepoco
Gallery Mikroma Stereo Camera mikroma
Gallery The L.A.W. law
Gallery Scovill Waterbury View Camera waterbury
Gallery Vest Pocket Camera vp_detective
Gallery Vanity Kodak Camera vanity
Gallery Rochester View Camera rochester_view
Gallery Ernemann Ernox (Ermanox) ernox
Gallery German View Plate Camera emilbush
Gallery Watson & Sons View Camera watson
Gallery J. Lancaster & Son : Instantograph instagraph
Gallery Kodak "No. 1 Panoram" Camera kodak_panoramic
Gallery No.2 Folding Pocket Brownie Camera pocketbrownie
Gallery Century Studio Camera centurystudio
Gallery Gundlach Korona View Camera koronaview
Gallery American Daguerrotype amdag
Gallery Anthony Box Camera anthonybox
Gallery Anthony Detective Camera anthonydet
Gallery Eastman No. 2 Kodak Camera kodak_no.2
Gallery Early Daguerrotype Camera dag2
Gallery Century Plate Cameras centuryfield
Gallery Camera Obscura camobscur
Gallery Blair Improved Hawkeye Camera blairbox
Gallery Anthony Stereo View Camera anthonystereo
Gallery Russian View Camera russian_view
Gallery Mandel Photo Postcard machine mandel
Gallery Giroux Daguerreotype Camera giroux
Gallery Lewis Daguerreotype Camera dag1
Gallery Scovill Carte De Viste Camera scovill_wetplate
Gallery View Field Camera 1890 field_camera
Gallery Detective Box Camera detective
Gallery German Field View Camera german_field
Gallery Brownie Starflash Camera starflash
Gallery Anthony Imperial View Camera climax
Gallery Thornton Picard View Stereo Camera tp_stereo
Gallery Expo Watch Camera expo
Gallery Edison Projecting Kinetoscope kinetograph
Gallery No. 4 Folding Kodak Camera kodak_4

Catalogue Century Grand Studio Outfit No. 1 century_1
Catalogue Grand Studio Outfit with No. 2 Camera grand_studio
Catalogue Am Optical Boston Studio Camera boston
Catalogue Blair's ' The 400 ' Camera blair400
Catalogue Blair's Lucidograph lucidograph
Catalogue Blairs' Improved Reversible Back Camera blair_imp_rb
Catalogue Blair's Improved Cincinnati R. B. Camera imp_cinci
Catalogue Blair's The Hawk-Eye Jr. Camera hawkeye_jr
Catalogue Blair's The 4x5 Hawk-Eye Jr. Camera 4x5hawkeye_jr
Catalogue Blair Camera Co., The Hawk-eye Camera hawkeye
Catalogue Blair's The 4x5 Folding Hawk-Eye Camera 4x5fold_hawkeye
Catalogue The Special Folding Hawk-Eye Camera special_fold_hawkeye
Catalogue The 5x7 Folding Hawk-Eye, No. 1 5x7foldhwk1
Catalogue Blair's Folding Hawk-Eye, No. 2 Camera foldhwk2
Catalogue Blair's No. 3 Folding Hawk-Eye no3hawkeye
Catalogue Blair's Century Hawk-Eye Camera century_hawkeye
Catalogue Blair's The Kamaret kameret
Catalogue Blair's English Compact Reversible Camera eng_compact
Catalogue Blair's The Baby Hawk-Eye Camera baby_hawkeye
Catalogue Blair's Patent Extensions blair_ext
Catalogue American Optical Co. Irving Camera irving
Catalogue American Optical Co. Portrait Cameras am_opt_portrait
Catalogue American Optical Co. Star View Cameras am_opt-star
Catalogue No. 2 Folding Pocket Kodak foldpocket2
Catalogue Revesible Back Premo revback
Catalogue Folding Poco amcamco
Catalogue Folding Premo Camera folding_premo
Catalogue Century Grand Studio Outfit century_grand_studio_outfit

Advertisement 1890 Ad - Hyatt's Stamp Portrait Camera hyatt_ad
Advertisement Al-Vista Panoramic Camera alta_vista
Advertisement Carbutt's Dry Plates & Genie Camera carbutt
Advertisement E.H. Anthony "buckeye" Camera 1899 anthonyad7
Advertisement Boston "Hawkeye" Camera Ad 1889 bostonad1
Advertisement Blair "Baby" Camera Ad 1896 blairad5
Advertisement Blair Cameras Ad 1889 blairad4
Advertisement Baush and Lomb "Universal" Lens bandlad4
Advertisement E.H. Anthony "ZOKA" 1893 anthonyad3
Advertisement Anthony Marlborough Camera Ad anthony_ad1
Advertisement Anthony Photographic Instruments Ad 1897 anthony_ad2
Advertisement Al-Vista Panoramic Camera Ad alvistaad2
Advertisement Al-Vista Panoramic Camera Ad alvistaad1
Advertisement Adlake Special Ad adlakead2
Advertisement Adlake Repeater Ad 1899 adlakead1
Advertisement Folding Premo Ad 1918 foldpremoad1
Advertisement Premo Film Pack Ad 1917 premoad6
Advertisement Graflex Camera Ad 1917 graflexad1
Advertisement No.00 Cartridge Premo Ad 1916 cartridgepremoad1
Advertisement Popular Premo Junior Ad 1915 premojuniorad1
Advertisement Kodak Premoette Ad 1915 premoettead1
Advertisement In The Open With a Premo Ad 1914 premoad3
Advertisement $1 Dollar Brownie Ad 1914 1brownieas2
Advertisement Kodak Brownie Big Things Ad 1914 browniead5
Advertisement Kodak Div Blair Hawkeye Ad 1910 hawkeyead2
Advertisement Kodak Brownie Family Ad 1909 browniead4
Advertisement Kodak Div. R.O. Premo Ad 1908 premoad2
Advertisement Blair Folding Hawkeye Ad 1904 hawkeyead
Advertisement Brownie Kodak 1902 Ad Boys browniead3
Advertisement Brownie Kodak 1902 browniead2
Advertisement $1 dollar Brownie 1900 1browniead
Advertisement Kodak Pocket Photography 1899 pocketkodakad
Advertisement The Folding Kodak 1898 foldkodakad
Advertisement The Premo Camera 1894 premoad1
Advertisement The Kodak Camera 1889 kodakad2
Advertisement Protraits of Famous People 1857 portraits
Advertisement Original Kodak Camera Ad 1888kodak
Advertisement 1897 Ad: Rileys Kinetoscope riley
Advertisement 1899-1900 Ad; Gundlach Korona Cameras korona
Advertisement 1897 Ad: Bicycle Kodaks kodakbike
Advertisement 1899 Ad: Improved Cyclone cyclone
Advertisement 1897 Ad: Anthony's Marlborough Camera marlborough
Advertisement 1897 Ad: Gundlach Optical Company gundlachcamad
Advertisement 1895 Ad: Watch Camera watchcam
Advertisement 1895 Ad: Poco Camera pocoad
Advertisement 1895 Ads: Manhattan Optical manhattan
Advertisement 1896 Ad: The Kombi Camera kombi
Advertisement E. & H.T. Anthony anthony_ads
Advertisement 1895 Ad: Blair Folding Hawkeye 1895hawkeyead
Advertisement 1895 Ad: J.B. Colt & Co Magic Lanterns colt
Advertisement 1895 Ad: Eastman Bullet Camera 1895bullet
Advertisement 1891 Ad: Scovill & Adams Waterbury scovill_adams_ad
Advertisement 1890 Ad: E & H.T. Anthony PDQ Camera antony_pdq
Advertisement 1889 Ad: Scovill scovilladart
Advertisement 1889 Ad: J. Scheidig scheidig
Advertisement The Kodak 1889 Ad #2 1889kodakad2
Advertisement 1889 Ad: Anthony Products anthony1889
Advertisement 1882 Ad: Pearsall Compact Camera pearsall
Advertisement Blair blairad6
Advertisement C.P. Stirn, Concealed Vest Camera sterns_vestcam
Advertisement 1889 AD for The Kodak Camera 1889kodakad
Advertisement Ad: L.M. Prince and Brothers prince_bros
Advertisement Ad: 1888 Blair Compact Camera blair_compact
Advertisement Ad: Ensign Film 1909 ensignfilm
Advertisement E.H. Anthony ASCOT 1899 anthonyad4
Advertisement Kodak Bullet Camera 1895 bullet
Advertisement Gundlach Lens gundlachlens
Advertisement Scovill's Prepared Solutions chemicals
Advertisement Hetherington Magazine Camera 1892 Ad hetherington

Process Calotype calotype
Process Daguerrotype daguerrotype
Process Gelatin Dry Plate Process dry_plate
Process Ambrotype Process ambrotype