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November 2013 HC Newsletter

Up'd 2013-10-31 06:26:19, by tom [28]

Featuring biographies of Frank Alexander Brownell and Alexander Gardner. This issue also includes the history of E. Mazo optician, Holmes Bros. Mfgr's, and the Gem dry plate co.

Website additions include biographies for Carlo Ponti, J.C. Strauss, F.J. Mortimer and R.L. Maddox. New camera listings include entries for Ets Bauchet & Cie, Nomar, and Rendall & Co. camera makers.

October 2013 HC Newsletter

Up'd 2013-09-30 19:43:39, by tom [27]

Featured - First Woman Photographer Mary Ann Meade, Colorado Photographer Thomas Michael McKee, cinema and photographer John Wilbur Clarence Floyd, hsitory of Soho Ltd..

Website Update: W. A .C. Smith Camera Listing and Soho Ltd. Camera listing. Biographies for the Meade Brothers, Charles H. Williamson, and Prescott Adamson.

September 2013 HC Newsletter

Up'd 2013-09-01 05:32:53, by tom [26]

Featured - J.W. Willard & Co., Oliver Wendell Holmes, Multiscope and film cameras, J.P. Ball, F.A. Wenderoth.

Website Update: National Instrument Corporation cameras, Multiscope & Co. cameras, William H. Badeau and William de Wiveleslie Abney Photographers.

August 2013 HC Newsletter

Up'd 2013-07-31 20:12:08, by tom [25]

Featuring the history of the Plaubel & Co. Camera manufacturers, William H. Mumler spirit photographer, Arthur Kingston inventor of the plastic lens, Photographers George Croughton and B.L.H. Dabbs.

New website listings for Plaubel & co. cameras, George Mountain Edmondson and A.P. Flagor biographies

July 2013 HC Newsletter

Up'd 2013-07-01 06:07:49, by tom [24]

Featuring the Biographies of Herbert B. Crisler "wildlife photographer", William H. Rau "adventure photographer" and "middle eastern" photographer Isabella Bird Bishop. Short articles on the rare Bell Panorama Camera and the Zephyr candid camera.

Website update include information on our new classified ads section. Biographies of Fredrick I. Monsen and Ernst Decker. A camera trade catalog listing for the Zenith camera corporation is also included.

June 2013 HC Newsletter

Up'd 2013-06-01 07:20:17, by tom [23]

Featuring the history of the Reynolds & Branson Ltd.Chemist and Camera Company, and Lundelius Camera Company. The Announcement of our beta version of the members new classified ads section is now available and hot topics found in our message board. Also biographies of William K. L. Dickson, Rudolf Eickermeyer, Fredrick Webster.

Website Update includes new camera catalog listings and information for Lundelis cameras, and biographies for Gyorgy Kepes and Zaida Ben-Yusuf.

May 2013 HC Newsletter

Up'd 2013-04-30 19:22:47, by tom [22]

Featuring the history of the Marion & Company and Reflex Camera Company, biographies of B. J. Falk, George Barnard, Elizabeth Alice Austin and Oscar Gustav Rejlander .

Website Update includes new camera trade catalog listings and information for Mariion & Company cameras, Reflex Camera Company cameras and E. Enjalbert Cameras.

April 2013 HC Newsletter

Up'd 2013-03-31 19:08:29, by tom [21]

Featuring the history of the DAYDARK specialty Co. and biographies of Catherine Weed Barnes, Evan D. Evans, George Smith Cook.

Website Update includes new camera manufacturer updates for Thornton Pickard, and new entries for the Daydark Specialty company. Also biographies for Hermann Biow, Albert Bierstadt, John Dillwyn LLewelyn, J.P. Girault de Prangy, Ernst Hass, and Johann Baptist Isenring.

March 2013 HC NewsLetter

Up'd 2013-02-28 19:42:38, by tom [20]

Featuring biographies of Matthew Carey Lea, John Jabez Edwin Mayall, James Wallace Black and Benjamin West Kilburn,

Website Update includes camera manufacturers Edward G. Cone Co., Chicago Camera Company, Standard Camera Ltd. and biographies of Oscar G. Mason, John P. Soule, Frederick Gutekunst, Alfred Henry Wall, and Paul Beck Goddard.

February 2013 HC NewsLetter

Up'd 2013-01-31 19:44:08, by tom [19]

Featuring biographies of Elmer and Bert Underwood, "Wizard of Photography" Elias Goldensky, Photographer William Latour, Jozef Franaszek, Special Topic: Collectors Corner, Escopette camera, 2012 Website Statistics.

Website Update notice includes completed camera listing for the Herbert George/ Imperial Camera Co., Candid Camera Co.; Biographies include Alfred Horsley Hinton, Hermann W. Vogel, Hermann C. Vogel, Gertrude Kasebier, Reinhold Theile, William Runciles, John G. Doughty.

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