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Excelsior Instantograph Camera


The Excelsior Instantograph Camera was manufactured by the J. Lancaster & Son Ltd from approximately 1907 to 1915. Constructed of seasoned mahogany highly polihsed with red leather bellows and an extra large front. The large front is provided to accomodate a roller blade shutter and any lens. This camera allowed for all possible movements with a rising, falling, cross swing and extending front. Automatic sring locks returned the fron to the normal position. The back provided a four way swing back, and was reversible. The bellows had triple extendion by means of two rack and pinion movements. Other features included a plumb level inidcator, circular level, and a solid brass turn table top for mounting on a tripod. The roller blade shutter provides time and instantaneous exposures with a speed indicator. The basic camera came with a Lancaster special Rapid rectilinear lens, however many lens options were available. Prices started at £3.

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