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Instantograph Camera

The original Instantograph (Patent) Camera was manufactured by J. Lancaster & Son of Birmingham England beginning in 1882. This camera was very popular among amateurs and it started a line of variations that extended up through the early 1900s. By 1888 35,000 were sold and by 1898 90,000 have been sold. It was designed as a compact all around camera. The Camera was constructed of polished mahogany with a leather bellows. It was Lancaster's Patent Instantaneous lens or optional Rectigraph lens and a patent shutter. the shutter incorporated a patent diaphragms that show at a glance the precise aperture by a divide scale, and the relative times of exposure with different apertures. Fine adjustment is obtain by the rack and pinion movement, it has a double swing back, rising front and double extension bellows. Originally it was only available in quarter plate, half plate, and full plate sizes, but by 1883 the additional sizes of 10 x 8, 12 x 10, and by 1893 a 15 x 12 size was available. Originally priced from £0 42s to £10 10s.

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