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Folding Focal-Plane Camera

datasheet_loginFolding Focal-Plane Camera was manufactured by the J. Lancaster & Son Ltd in circa 1910. Constructed of fine mahogany, covered with hard black leather and fitted with a double extension leather truncated bellows. The front provides rising, falling and cross movement. A direct vision or brilliant view finder acquires image and fine focus is adjusted by Rack and pinion with automatic locking. The image can be viewed on the ground glass with the aid of a focusing hood in addition to providing protection when not in use. The focal plane shutter provide instantaneous speeds from 1/2 to 1/1300th of a second, including a speed scale with full range of speeds, including time exposures of any duration. Various lens were available, the Lancaster Rettiplatf7.3, Euryscope Rectigraph, Anastigmat Rectigraph, Aldis Anastigmat series II. This camera was made in three sizes including a quarter plate, a combined postcard and stereo model and a half plate. Prices ranged from £4 10s to £13.

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