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Lancaster's Victoria and Gem Camera

datasheet_loginLancaster's Victoria and Gem Camera was manufactured by J. Lancaster & Son in circa 1890. The design was based on the original Carte Apparatus with features to capture Victoria sized images. Constructed of mahogany and bass hardware. There were several version available. Depicted is model No. 410. The Available models were:

#407 - Polished mahogany camera with two large achromatic double combination lenses to take four Victoria photographs in two positions on a quarter plate.

#408 - Superior camera with rack work adjustment, instantaneous shutter, 4 best lens to take four Victoria sized images on a quarter plate.

#409 - Excellent camera with rack work adjustment, repeating back, and a set of Victoria lenses, to take either four Vicotrias at once on a quarter plate or eight on a 7 x 5 plate in two positions.

#410 - Combined Gem and Victoria Camera, best quality, with nine selected Victoria lenses, extra dark slide, rack work adjustment, and all latest improvements. Capable of taking four Victoria images on a quarter plate, or nine Victoria on a 7 x 5 plate, or 36 Gems on a 7 x 5 plate in four positions.

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