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Boy's Own Cameras by J. Lancaster & Son

The Boy's Own No. 1 Camera was manufactured by J. Lancaster & Son of Birmingham, England in circa 1900. Designed as the second generation of a Boys own camera and sold separately and not as a set. The Boy's own cameras were simple in design. The No. 1 Camera dipicted in the illustration was able to take six plates or films 3 1/4 x 2 1/8 inch. Fitted with and achromatic lens with an accompanying time and instantaneous shutter. Priced at 4s 6p.

The Boy's Own No. 2 Camera was fitted with Lancaster's pendulum shutter providing for any required exposure. Fitted with an achromatic lens for fine definition and two brilliant finders for focusing. The camera also carried six plates or films. The No. 2 took images a quarter plate size and was priced at 6s 6p.

The Boy's Own No. 3 Camera was slighly larger can capable of carrying twelve plates or films. It also took images in quarter plate size and was priced at 10s 6p.

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