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Eastman View Camera No. 2

The Eastman View Camera No. 2 camera was manufactured by the Eastman Kodak Company from approximately 1914 to 1925. Designed with extra strength through out by providing extra thick extensions made of polished cherry wood for strength. The standard is large and rigid. All the corners are dovetailed and reinforced with brass angle pieces. The Body of the camera made of highly polished mahogany and the bellows are made of high quality leather and includes an automatic spring mechanism to prevent the bellows from sagging. It comes with a large removable lens board that will accommodate all lens. It has rising and falling front, that is actuated by rack and pinion. Vertical and horizontal swing is provided, and can be focused by either the front or rear by rack and pinion adjustments. The back is reversible and a plumb level and strap handle are supplied A sliding tripod block is provided so that the camera can always be supported directly above the tripod or the weight distributed as the operator desires. An improved extension locking device which only requires a quarter turn to lock is incorporated. This camera came in four sizes:

5 x 7 - $40.00
8 1/2 x 8 1/2 - $43.00
8 x 10 - $45.00
7 x 11 - $50.00

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