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Long Focus Premo Camera by Kodak

The Long Focus Premo Camera was manufactured by the Eastman Kodak Company after they purchased the Rochester Optical Company in 1903. The design was essential the same with the new model having more metal construction. Eastman's designed was especially targeted for scientific photography and for copying.

The main feature is its extra long bellows, adapting it for the use of long focus lenses, as well as the style usually furnished. The extra 30 inch length of draw is obtained by the addition of a folding back. By simply touching a spring at the top, the back of the camera will drop, forming a bed, upon which the rear portion of the camera carrying the ground-glass screen will slide and can be adjusted with rack and pinion movement. The camera cam optionally be used as a standard camera by not employing the rear extension.

Adaptable to glass plates, cut and roll films. It can be adapted for a focal plane shutter.

This camera is fitted with a telephoto, three focus lens and auto shutter. Constructed throughout of mahogany and metal, handsomely polished, the outside being covered with fine black leather. The metal work is of polished and lacquered brass.

Features included a Double Swing Back, Double Sliding Front, and a fine Rack and Pinion movement for focusing. Both the horizontal and vertical swings, A brilliant reversible View Finder is conveniently placed on the bed of the camera; two tripod plates are also fitted for both upright and horizontal pictures. The ground-glass screen is spring acting, and does not close after withdrawing the plate-holder but remains open for its re-insertion. A touch on a spring button closes the screen for focusing, or to exert a pressure on the holder when in place.

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