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Frena No. 8 Camera by R. J. Beck

The Frena No. 8 Camera was manufactured by R. J. Beck company beginning in 1901. The No. 8 was exactly the same as the no. 7, except that it had an upgraded lens. The No. 8 was adaptable to both plates and cut films, and provided many adjustments. The film holder was contained in a sliding box holding 1 to 40 cut films. Removal of the magazine allowed attachment of a ground glass for plate use.

Fitted with a Beck-Steinheil Orthostigmat lens f6.3. The shutter provided is entitled The Wafer, constructed mainly of aluminum, with a large range of speeds from 1/10 to 1/120 of a second, including time exposures. This camera featured a indicator showing number of films used, swing back and rising front, a reversible cornex finder for horizontal and vertical pictures, and two tripod sockets. Price complete with 40 films, �11 0s 0d.

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