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  ROC View Camera by Rochester Optical

The ROC view was produced approximately between 1897 and 1918. It was designed as a solid and efficient view camera that would sell at a moderate price. Constructed of Mahogany and lacquered brass metal parts. The front standard is securely attached to the base giving extreme rigidity to accommodate the heaviest of lenses. Focusing is from the back enabled by a smooth rack and pinion mechanism which can then clamped securely. The horizontal swing back is pivoted on the center which can be locked at any angle. Rising and falling front with a large lens board to accommodate larger lenses. Specially adapted for interior work, as the back can be moved as near the front as desired. the camera folds up compactly. It was available in 5 x 7, 6 1/2 x 8 1/2 and 8 x 10 sizes.

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