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  Reversible Back Premo by Rochester Optical Company

The Reversible Back Premo was manufactured by the Rochester Optical Co., New York in 1896 - 1900. Wood and Brass construction with the back shifting from horizontal to vertical. Designed for a more advanced amateur photographer or professional for a combined universal hand and tripod camera. This camera contains the advantageous features of the former the Long Focus design, but with many new useful adjustments only available in this latter style.

The Reversible Back Premo possesses a greater focal capacity, and as its name indicates has a Reversible Back. This adjustment is especially desirable when the camera is used on a tripod, as the position of the plate may he instantly changed from a horizontal to a vertical position, or vice versa, without moving the camera itself. It has a Double Swing Back, both Rising and Sliding Front and a fine Rack and Pinion movement, permitting the most delicate focusing. The horizontal and vertical swings oscillate at
the center of the plate, which is optically correct. The extended bellows allows for copying, enlarging and all other purposes requiring an extended bellows length.

The Lens is the Victor Rapid Rectilinear along with the new victor shutter with triplicate movement, iris diaphragm, and finger or pneumatic shutter release. Being symmetrical, the front combination may be removed and the rear lens used alone, which practically doubles the focus. For mountain scenery and subjects at long range, this is often an advantage, as the objects in the view appear larger in the picture. The Rapid Rectilinear Lens may be removed from the shutter and the Victor wide angle substituted, as the cells of both lenses are interchangeable. We make the bed in two sections, hinged together, when desired for extremely Wide Angle Lenses; ordinary Wide Angle Lenses do not need it.

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