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  ROC New Model Stereoscopic Camera

Manufacture: Rochester Optical Company
Location: Rochester, N.Y.
Model: New Model Stereoscopic Camera
Category: Stereoscopic Camera
Production Dates: 1893 --1911
Film: Plate
Lens: pair #1 R.O. Co.'s View Lens.
Accessories: Canvas Carry Case; Carlton sliding tripod; one perfection holder

Reference Price for: 1895

5 x 8 w/acc. ........... $22.00
5 x 8 no lens........... $16.00
5 x 8 no lens; tripod .. $14.00

Description: We have devised a first class stereoscopic camera, the New Model Stereoscopic Camera, believeing it will find favor with all who are interested in this most fascinating branch of photography. It is modeled closely after the new Model Improved, having rack and pinion for focusing, sliding front, folding bed and is reversibleby means of our new adjustable reversing clamp.the camera is the lightest, most compact and simplest instrumetn yet placed on the market.

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