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  Carlton Twin Lens Camera by Rochester Optical Co.

The Carlton Twin lens Camera, as will be seen by the illustrations is a divided camera, having two lens of precisely the same focus, one placed above the other; the lower one forms the picture on the plate, while the upper one reflects the image on a ground glass at the top of the camera.

The ground glass is covered by a lid which is raised, and this lid has a shield at each side to further screen the light from the ground glass so that the image may be the more plainly seen. This lid has a mirror on the underside so that when the camera is reversed for vertical views the image on the ground glass can seen in the mirror. The camera is provided with tripod plates for use on a tripod if desired, and it has a panel for observing the ground glass of camera, if preferred to the full sized view finder. This view finder slides backward when the camera is closed, as the position occupied by this when in use is required for the front with lenses when the camera is closed. In opening the camera the view finder will slide forward and lock automatically after you have racked the front of the camera forward. When you close the lid it will unlock the finder, when it will slide backward by raking the front back.

This camera has double shifting front, for adjusting sky and foreground both in vertical and horizontal pictures. our new central swing back is also fitted similar to the Premo, and is operated by a small brass lever seen on opening the door at the side. The body of the camera is telescopic, the adjustment being made with a fine rack and pinion. This construvtion renders the instrument very compact and portable. When closed it measures only 6 3/4 x 6 3/4 by 8 1/4 inches and holds three holders or roll film holder. Photo image size is 4 x 5. The Premo holder wwith rubber slides is used. The star shutter is fitted to the twin lens camera, and is a feature of the outfit. The camera is made in the best possible manner, of Mahogany polished inside and covered with morocco leather outside. Price for 1895 was $75.00 which is the reason these are so rare.

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