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  Pony Premo No. 4 Camera

The Pony Premo No. 4 Camera was manufactured by the Rochester Optical Company beginning in 1898. Similar to the Premo B, but the Pony Premo No. 4 is fitted with a reversible back to instantly change the orientation from horizontal to vertical position. This camera can be adapted for glass plates, cut films or roll film.

Features include an adjusting front for sky and foreground, and is fitted with a single achromatic or rapid rectilinear lens with adjustable diaphragms. A Victor shutter is provided with time and instantaneous capabilities. A hinged back door allows full sized view of the image for focusing. The ground glass screen is spring acting and recedes to allow the insertion of the plate. Available only in 4 x 5 inch size, this camera measures only 2 3/8 x 5 7/8 x 5 7/8 inches and weighs just over two pounds. Originally priced at $15.00. Cut film holder or cartridge roll holder extra.

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