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  Pony Premo Camera

The Pony Premo Camera was manufactured by the Rochester Optical Company beginning in 1896 and Kodak continued production to approximately 1907. Designed for extreme portability and lightness of weight, so that this style of Premo would appeal directly to Wheelmen and Tourists. The 4 x 5 sized Pony Premo when closed measures only 5 x 6 x 1 inches and weighs but 26 ounces.

The Pony Premo is constructed of seasoned mahogany, handsomely covered with fine black leather and in contrast with the polished and lacquered brass trimmings and rich red leather bellows presents an elegant appearance. The back of the camera is spring actuated and recedes to allow the insertion of the Plate Holder. When the Roll Holder is used the back is removed by simply pressing a small brass lever at the right on inside of box. The Roll Holder is then attached to the brass supports at top and bottom. This adjustment can be made in a few seconds. The Pony Premo is furnished with the Victor Rapid Rectilinear Lens and Victor Shutter made expressly for this camera. The Lens will be found well adapted for all classes of work. The Shutter is fitted with Iris Diaphragm and pneumatic release and is precisely the same as supplied with the Premo Sr and Long Focus Premo.

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